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Learning SPECIAL massage with Victoria Voxxx and Jupiter Jetson


Free Sex Learning SPECIAL massage with Victoria Voxxx and Jupiter Jetson

Jupiter Jetson has actually been educating her parlor’s newest masseuse, Victoria Voxxx, over the last couple of months and she’s been doing wonderfully. She’s been doing so well, actually, that Jupiter feels it’s time to instruct her SPECIAL massage. Victoria strips off her masseuse uniform and also undergarments. She after that climbs up onto the massage table encounter down, gliding her hips over a strengthen that makes her ass arch up. Jupiter puts some oil onto Victoria’s back and also starts massaging it in, making Victoria feel right away relaxed. As Jupiter massage therapies Victoria, she explains why and also how she does particular points in an effort to effectively educate Victoria in the nuances of this certain strategy. Victoria pays attention diligently, though can’t neglect the waves of relaxation that are washing across her body as her advisor works her active fingers right into the valleys of her muscular tissues as well as knots. Jupiter pays unique attention to Victoria’s ass, discussing just how great as well as firm it is to the touch. Victoria giggles, flattered by the praise. Jupiter then lastly presents Victoria to her ‘unique’ massage. She removes her leading and pours oil over her breast. She then carefully starts to run her nipples versus Victoria’s skin, tickling her body from her neck to her toes. Her nipples even go in between Victoria’s asscheeks, which creates her to moan with delight. Jupiter after that begins to spread out Victoria’s cheeks with her hands, peering down into her ass and pussy. ‘This does not feel like a massage,’ Victoria says with a tip of hesitant stimulation. Yet Jupiter assures her this is something she supplies to only her most prized customers … and also currently her. Victoria can not deny the enormous pleasure she is really feeling and also approves Jupiter’s breakthroughs. They have spirited, energetic sex, with Victoria sensation impressed at simply just how much she is finding out today.