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Rei Kitajima One Night Cuckold After Work


Free HD Porn Rei Kitajima One Night Cuckold After Work

Rei Kitajima is obviously the good housewife and constantly trying to be there for her other half as well as support him in his job. He is typically away as well as doing what he can to earn a living for the family members. However naturally he has an asshole employer that is informing him he could be fired. This manager lets him understand that there is a manner in which he can stay clear of being fired. He might do something great for in charge and have him over a long time to delight in a beer after work. This employer lets him know that what he prepares to do is come by to his residence, have some drinks with him and also his spouse and then when his wife is a bit sloshed he is mosting likely to fuck her. So what could he do? He might shed his work or he can have his employer over for some drinks. If he sheds his job, he could lose your house he as well as his better half just acquired. So, the selection to make really was to save his house and also job and save his partner the troubles of having an other half that is not employed. So, one night the boss shows up at their house with her other half and he is there to have an evening of conversation and also drinks. In charge looks so delighted when he sees his wife and also he is visibly excited reason Rei is one warm fucking babe and he recognizes she is going to have his cock in her mouth in a hr approximately. So, when they lack something to imbibe, Rei’s other half volunteers to go out and also obtain more. This is the possibility the boss is searching for to get a piece of that hot pussy Rei has in her panties. GO view the full video!

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Actors: Rei Kitajima